Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to look forward to in 2012

Welcome back! In anticipation of the new year of horror, I give you my top five anticipated films of 2012. Some of these films were released in 2011, but will get a wider release in America in 2012 which is why I am including them on this list. I'm hoping at least one of them is good, that is how low my expectations are for this year in horror. Also, I would like to point out that it's good luck I didn't write this last week or else I could have included The Devil Inside on this list and booooy would that have been a mistake, amirite?

1. Livide (Livid). Directed by the French duo who masterfully delivered (bad joke) Inside in 2007, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury return with their second film Livid. Unlike their super hyper realistic first film, this film (as gathered from the preview) has a more dreamlike quality and there also appear to be supernatural elements at work. I'm excited because from what I can see, it reminds me a lot of the Korean film, A Tale of Two Sisters. The trailer is entirely in French, but you can gather that it is going to be totally creeeeepy.  

2. Prometheus. This movie has everythingggg. It has the popular powerhouse Michael Fassbender, the Swedish Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (Noomi Rapace), the guy from my favorite horror movie of the past few years, Insidious (Patrick Wilson), and Ridley Scott in the director's chair. I'm guessing there are aliens too, but it's hard to tell, because it also has this crazy jump cut trailer that can't possibly be giving anything away even if it tried, because I can't tell what is going on one way or another besides the world must be ending in epically dark awesome hack job trailer proportions. IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME.

3. The Woman in Black. Yes, yes. Harry Potter is all grown up and wants to be a real actor. We know this, because he has chosen to star in a horror movie. A period horror movie and PG-13 horror movie, can't alienate his fan base completely, but still a horror movie. I have high hopes for this movie, because of it's ultra gothic setting and super creepy trailers. I'm thinking this will be a decent mystery that viewers will completely forget about by the end of the year.

4. John Dies at the End. Now this looks like the most original horror movie of the year. It's got this weird sci-fi thing going on with weird makeup that reminds me of Cronenberg's Existenz. I'm such a sucker for monster suits and non-CGI effects of which, this film seems to have. I can't really gather a whole lot of info about it besides that it's based on a novel and they got Paul Giamatti to play himself in it, but from what i CAN gather, there is this stuff that they call Soy Sauce which is a drug that you take that lets you travel into different dimensions, where there are awesome monster suits and crisp hip dialogue between people with sunglasses. Also, I'm pretty sure John dies at the end. . .

5. Childish Games. I have a bit of a soft spot for Spanish horror. I can't speak to all of it of course, but most of their films tend to weigh heavy on the psychological side, which brings me to Childish Games. A mysterious mystery and a creepy girl child in a bathtub, yup this film has it all. A family begins to have troubles and these troubles seem to be antagonized by the arrival of the daughter of their friend who has just committed suicide. Even if this film sucks, I'm guessing it will be a slow burn to suckage and it will at least keep you guessing through most of the movie until the dud plop of an ending. Just my personal guess.

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  1. I can't believe they are making a movie of "John Dies at the End". Dan O'brien of Cracked should be making bank now.