Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Horror Story wins Golden Globe

I am pleased to announce that horror television goes 1 for 2 at the Golden Globes as the fantastic Jessica Lange took home the best supporting actress award for American Horror Story. She was the only actor or actress to be nominated in a horror related show and took home the much deserved win.

In her acceptance speech, she commented on the lack of good writing in Hollywood and how she jumped at the chance to act in a show that actually gave her something to do. In the wake of the first season of American Horror Story, there is much discussion of what the layout of the second season will look like as almost all of the cast will be new as well as the location.

While, the creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are taking a huge risk in changing out the cast almost entirely for the second season, I'm thinking that with the Golden Globe win and the critical recognition the show has received, the second season will attract a high level of talent that will continue to support the incredible screenwriting.

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