Friday, March 16, 2012

World War Z Delayed To Summer 2013

Looks like Brad Pitt's zombie apocalypse--should the real apocalypse of 2012 not happen--is postponed from December 21, 2012, to June 21 2013.

Based on the Max Brooks best-selling zombie novel, which has a journalist interviewing people after the zombie apocalypse is over and contained, about their experiences during the outbreak and how they survived, the film has had production problems throughout, which gives me some worry as to the quality and possibility for the delay.

Optimistically however, a delay this far-projected in time and pushing it for the big summer release means that possibly, the film is turning out better or more action-packed than hoped. Directed by Quantum Of Solace's Marc Forster, perhaps Paramount is giving time for better special effects/CG work or just wants to cash in on a summer audience and confident it can compete, but it looks like we'll have quite a bit of waiting time on our hands before we find out.

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