Friday, March 16, 2012

Battleship Movie Has Aliens, Looks Exactly Like Transformers

Remember when playing Battleship the board game and shouting out "B9" and then aliens attacked from no where? Oh you don't? Well, that makes sense but you know what doesn't? The fucking plot of this movie.

How ridiculous can a movie get? I mean Michael Bay's Transformers was horrendous enough, but you really can't blame Hasboro or Universal for replicating that same formula given that the Transformers movies have made over a billion dollars.

With a reported $200 million dollar budget, it seems Battleship is doing whatever it can to be just as big. However let's just compare the similarities between the two movies show we?

Battleship and Transformers similarities:

Military vs Giant alien robots: check

Sound effects that sound like dubstep: check

Mechanical alien/robots that transform into things: check

Cutting a skyscraper in half and watching it fall: check

R & B singers as actors: check

Ridiculous amounts of explosions: check

Racists robots: we'll have to wait and see on Battleship, but I can only assume.

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  1. Yeah, okay, but does this fix the Mass Effect 3 ending?